Landmark Fabrics Ltd is one of the concerns of Landmark Group, is the textile division producing 15-20 tones of finished knit fabrics every day. The textile division is a vertically integrated plant consisting of knitting, dying and finishing of all sorts of knit fabric. Fabrics of various types – Cotton, Polyester, Polyester with nylon, Nylon 6, Suplex, PVC, PVA, Coolmax, Top Cool, Trevirra, Viscose with hydrophilic finish, hydrophobic finish, anti bacterial, wicking and easy care finish – are manufactured here with world-class quality and production standards.

Landmark Fabrics Ltd is equipped with Mayer & Cie circular knitting machines that produce 30 tons of grey fabric each day. With the state of art infrastructure and all the well furnished European and Asian machines, we claim ourselves as one of the pioneers in textile manufacturing, especially sportswear and all sorts of functional fabric.